UX Research & Design

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Being able to talk about user experience, incorporate basic UX methods and convince the inclusion of the UX approach in a digital design project


Key audience

All digital sector professionals in IT or marketing department or agency; junior project manager experienced in project management or IT teams, strong knowledge about the internet


Alternation of theory & practice:

Examination and certification:


  1. Module 1: Understanding UX
    1. Definition and misconceptions
    2. Multichannel aspects of experience
    3. Influence of technology, behaviour and context of use on UX
    4. UX as a differentiator
  2. Module 2: UX & HumanFactors
    1. Ergonomics
    2. Emotion, Persuasion and empathy
    3. Usability, User Interface and UX
  3. Module 3: UX Process & Benefits
    1. UX approach
    2. UX Philosophy
  4. Module 4: UX Toolbox
    1. Challenges of integrating UX in digital projects
    2. Process
    3. UX in Agile
    4. UX Methodology & Phases
  5. Module 5: UX in your Organization
    1. Range of UX influence
    2. How to sell UX within the organization
    3. Role play
  6. Exam & Certification

After this lesson

1. You know:

2. You Do:

3. Your view changes: