UX Approach: Phase-1: Align with stakeholders

As designers we have to empathize not only with end users but with the business team and development team too. Because user experience is not how we visualize it, but how it actually works and how it impacts the emotions and influences the psychology of our end users. UX is the end result of collaborative efforts UX is the end result of collaborative efforts. The final experience is all about how it is built, how it is presented and finally how it is consumed and experienced. Hence it is critical to build a common understanding of your product/service/idea/challenge early on with all your UX stakeholders, such as Technology Team, Business Team and Design Team. Once you manage to get representatives from each domain, block your calendars for 3 to 4 hours of rigorous discussion, sketching and common understanding. Follows a sample workshop structure that you may consider for your next workshop. Recommended Participants: Stakeholders from Dev team, Product management team and Design team (at least one each) Duration: 3 Hours Format: Introduction Product Goal Business Vision Target user and profile Targeted user needs, goals, motivations Challenges addressed in the product/idea User journey/process diagram User stories (various use cases covered by the product) Current … Continue reading UX Approach: Phase-1: Align with stakeholders