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The impact of visuals in “User Persona”​

RapidUX Persona

Here is how a User Persona is defined in Wikipedia :

user persona is a representation of the goals and behavior of a hypothesized group of users. In most cases,  personas are synthesized from data collected from interviews with  users.

However, I have seen many of us do a wonderful job of getting all the required information together but end up using some faceless graphics as a representation of User Persona.

What are we missing here? Are we able to empathise with the Persona? Can we identify a lively individual with this persona?

Now let’s take a look at the next example.

By adding an appropriate photograph with some context around it, the User Persona looked more believable.

I also added another photograph that set the context more vividly with the purpose of enabling the consumer to empathise with the user’s real environment. But adding some photograph for the heck of it, doesn’t really add much value.

So I considered creating a simple user journey map using PPT and add the saved image of the journey map.

Now, this single pager became a living document that represents our User Persona.

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