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Our user research service helps you understand your users, their goals, needs and pain points.Users don’t always know what they want and their opinions can be unreliable.We help you get behind your users’ behaviour through a disciplined and scientific approach.

We own a state of the art Usability Lab (e60Labs) in HSR layout, Bangalore

User testing

Cutout undesired friction with your end users by testing your product/service early on.
If you want to know how people behave outside a lab environment, go for remote user testing.
Discover how users actually interact and behave with your product in a user environment through contextual inquiry.

Field research

Learn about your users, their social environment and their needs, goals, pain points through field research.
We employ multitude of methods (probe, ethnography, shadowing) that suits your unique requirement.

Expert review

Quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product/service by applying heuristic evaluation and/or cognitive walk-through by an user experience expert.

Eye tracking

At times, getting opinions and feedback are not enough to judge the effectiveness of a design.
Eye tracking helps in identifying which parts of your interface attract your user’s attention. There by providing valuable clues on how to improve the impact of design.


Compare your product/service against industry best practices or competitors.
We help you identify your product/service positioning, thereby providing valuable insights to make improvements and adapt industry best practices.

International user research

International user research mitigates risk, generates customer insights, and ensures that new products and services meet the needs of the intended local audiences. As the Indian partner of UXalliance we can help you with your international user research requirements.

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