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In 2 years, what kind of UX challenges do you forsee?

What kind of UX challenges you will be tackling in next 2 years, we asked few of our UXers.

Here are few of the answers we received

  • It is going to be an exciting time UX-wise, especially here in India. UX has made a large business impact on many Industrial segments such as e-commerce, services etc.As the years progress UX design for these segments will eventually reach a saturation state. For example , e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have already perfected the art of UX in not only the digital aspect of their business but also in their service design. Imagine two years from now if you were to pitch yourself as a UX designer to these big giants , what kind of differentiation and business impact would you talk about? The answers are hard to figure out.
  • While majority of  B2C segments and few B2B segments have seen rise and impact of UX in their business, there are still many Industry segments  out there who have to recognise the potential of investmenting in UX. As many organisations still confuse UX as User Interface design for digital application, the challenge is also to create a shift in the understanding of UX which encompasses all aspects of design, business, technology and people. Digital design is just one aspect of it.
  • As a UX designer we may to look for opportunities in different industry segments and businesses where UX can make a great impact in making them more effective and people centric. We should be able to communicate business Impact and correct understanding of UX design in order to be recognised as potential change-makers for their business.
  • With so many unorganised sector businesses realising the potential of digitisation and wanting to capitalise on digital India initiative, we as UX experts can lead the way and help companies grow digitally.
  • ROI of UX is expected to be well understood by all industry segments in the coming years. UXers need not focus on teaching that UX is not just about the colour and making things beautiful but actually how whole product is conceptualised, designed and developed keeping the user at the focus.
  • Also with growing data, data visualisation specially in enterprise AI sector could be an area to focus. Talking about AI, which is at nascent stage, we as designers can help develop and design personas for AI softwares in the next two years. Example: How to personalise experiences, design bot personality through user centric story-telling could be a prime area to focus on.
  • Next is data security and how well with good UX, we can make users less paranoid about their data and make them feel more secure and assured.
  • Industry may expect every UX designer to have a fair knowledge of UI development. So all UXers should start learning to code. Otherwise in next two years, unless you manage to move on to strategic practices, probably you will be redundant.
  • There is a chance that coding will be done by AI. Technical stuff will no longer be the challenge. However, understanding people and communicating the understanding will always remain a challenge. The best communication method is storytelling. 2 years down the line, UXers with sub optimal story telling ability will slowly fade away.
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