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Enterprise UX – What I Learnt about the Beast

In the world of digital experience design, enterprise UX is a majestic beast in itself. This world has seen rapid progression over the last few years, where other species like the consumer products have evolved exceptionally – with elegant interfaces, delightful interactions and inter-networking (IoT). Being thrown into enterprise UX work since I joined PeepalDesign, […]

Orchestrating UX Transformation

Orchestrating UX Transformation

User Experience is dynamic. It is constantly modified over time. How shall we direct/orchestrate something that is in perpetual flux? To direct you need an anchor and a goal. Then there is the journey where all experiences manifest themselves. If we understand where to start (the anchor) and where to end (the goal) and who […]

A Case for UX Transformation

A case for UX Transformation

If you know of UX maturity model, probably you have an idea of where your organization stands in terms of UX maturity. If not, there  are few surveys available which will give you an idea. Check out one from Tom Callaghan. Here is the link. However, before jumping into UX maturity, we should have a sense of why […]

The impact of visuals in “User Persona”​

RapidUX Persona

Here is how a User Persona is defined in Wikipedia : A  user persona is a representation of the goals and behavior of a hypothesized group of users. In most cases,  personas are synthesized from data collected from interviews with  users. However, I have seen many of us do a wonderful job of getting all the required information […]

UX Approach: Phase-6: Evolve continuously


Look around. Yesteryear’s successful brands are reinventing themselves to stay relevant in the current market. Why so? Because, ever evolving technologies are changing our behaviour, our needs and influencing our expectations from each product and service we consume. People are constantly looking for holistic experiences that support them in enriching their lives through delight and greater productivity. What […]

UX Approach: Phase-5: Define experiences

interface design PeepalDesign

Clarity is precursor to creativity. In this phase, it’s all about bringing together all out put from alignment, user research and ideation phase and simulating the real experience that end users are going to engage with. Simply speaking, this phase is all about taking each problem one by one and sketching the user experience piece by piece, […]

UX Approach: Phase-3: Generate ideas around design opportunities

Ideation PeepalDesign

Empathizing with stakeholders, developers and end users ensures that the design challenges are well defined. If addressed appropriately, better user experience can be achieved. This is where phase-3 of UX approach kicks in. Bring together the process map, persona, journey map and story boards. Identify the key use cases. Bring on the whiteboard and post-its. Think […]